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Project Description

This project developed by using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) infrastructure. It includes, Business leyer, Data Access layer, Types, Interfaces and additional tools and functions. This solution can be used for small, middle and enterprise web based projects. Some details as follows:

  • Data Access Layer:
    • Project Name: DataService
    • Details: 
      • Two type data access can be used. One of them is "Typed Dataset" and other one is "CCG (Crud Class Generator)". Typed Dataset classes can be generated by using "TDG (Typed Dataset Generator)". CCG is developed by me and can be used with Typed Datasets. Usage of CCG is the same with Typed Dataset but faster and more functional. Both TDG and CCG can be downloaded from my site on CodePlex and also you can find description details on related sites or you can send e-mail me.
      • All necessary classes and methods are included.
      • Exception Handling, Log and Transection mechanisms are included.
  • Business Layer:
    • Project Name: Services
    • Details:
      • You can write your all business logics here.
      • Cache, Log, Login and Reporting classes are included.
      • BusinessBase class is ready.
      • app.Config file is ready and includes ready binding types.
  • Types:
    • Project Name: Types
    • Details:
      • Attributes, Constants, CustomTypes, DataSets and Enumerations classes and samples are included.
      • Some necessary classes and members are ready.
  • Interfaces:
    • Project Name: Contracts
    • Details:
      • Includes all Interfaces, Cache providers, message inspectors and proxy creator classes.
      • You can write your all interfaces here.
      • You can "Custom in Memory Cache", "File Dependant Cache" or "Appfabric Cache" provider. Also it includes "Big Data Cache Optimizaton" class.
      • Service Proxy Creator includes pooling mechanism.
  • Helper:
    • Project Name: Helper
    • Details:
      • You can find a lot of necessary helper methods in this project. It includes:
        • Util Classes
        • Encryption class
        • Recursion Methods
        • ActiveDirectory, Exchange2010 and Lync account management helpers

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